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Focus & Determination - Without Them, Keep Your Day Job
by Eric Buck

With so many variables concerning your Internet business, many people assume
poor results indicate a problem with the program instead of their approach. Most
Internet marketers fail because they try a few quick promotion methods, see
little results, then abandon that program and move on to the next hot “sure thing.”
The only sure thing is that we get the same results from the same actions. The
cycle repeats, your significant other starts complaining about the money you’ve
spent and the time you’ve “wasted”, and you convince yourself that an Internet
business isn’t right for you.

Stop the madness. Settle down and focus. Go back to your goals, reread them.
What? You haven’t written them down? That’s the first step. Write them down.
“I want to make enough monthly to afford a new car’s payments.” “I want to make $1
million per month.” The action of converting thought through pen on to paper is a
magic catalyst. It starts your sub-conscious mind working on these goals,
contemplating new ideas and possibilities. I’m always amazed at the speed and
numbers of ideas that jolt through my head when I write down more goals. It’s
almost as if the universe starts to flow this positive energy, bringing you piece
by piece the tools to accomplish your desires. I know it seems silly to write them
down when we have them so firmly planted in our heads, but just humor me. Do it
and be amazed.

In order to get everything we want in life, we must “unlearn” some destructive
teachings. Probably the most destructive thing we’ve been taught is that all our
experiences are simply fate. We learn to be fearful and cautious. The greatest
obstacle to living our potential is the focus on what is wrong with everything. We
obsess on what we DON’T want to happen instead of what we do. When we think of
things that we don’t want, sure enough, they will happen. This is because negative
energy attracts more negative energy. Have you ever noticed that when you start to
have a bad day, more bad things continue to occur? Likewise, positive energy
attracts more positive energy. This little shift in our thinking will bring you
huge rewards. Start thinking about everything you DO want. If your mind slips and
considers a “don’t want”, just stop it in its tracks and convert it into what you
do want. Your positive thinking will bring positive results.

Many successful people agree that their break-through achievement came just after
they were about to give up. Just when they thought it was hopeless, the clouds
parted and a ray of sunshine burst from the heavens. I don’t know how many times
this has personally happened to me. I’ve learned never to own defeat. If something
isn’t working the way you want, analyze it and try a different approach. With the
advent of the Internet, you can find others that have already achieved what you want
and learn from them. Do a search for a forum within your field. Register and start
reading posts. Then, ask questions and jump over those hurdles. Try not to reinvent
the wheel. Chances are someone has achieved what you would like to, find them
and learn what they did.

It all starts with you. How bad do you want it? Are you ready to change your current
situation? If you aren’t, then there’s no sense in continuing. If you are fed up with
the status quo, make a commitment to yourself and your family and change it.
Realize it is not going to happen tomorrow; you haven’t placed the pieces together
yet, and probably haven’t even discovered them all. Allow yourself to enjoy the
journey and refuse the notion that you will only feel good when you taste success.
Every day, work your business and move at least a little bit closer to your desired
goal. You will be surprised at what all the small steps lead up to!


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