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Important Articles

Types of Marketing

Advertising your product is fundamental to the success of any new product. Without advertising, no one will know that your product exists. Because customers can be found in all shapes and sizes, it is little surprise that advertising, too, can be found in a range of different forms.

Nobody can avoid advertising. Even if you are sitting at home, you see adverts on television or hear them on the radio, as well as by direct methods such as telephone calls and flyers. There really is no escaping advertising; at every opportunity businesses are out there making themselves known. As a company, you can learn a lot from watching others sell their goods.


Mass media such as television is a very popular marketing choice. However, this comes at a price and many small companies cannot afford to advertise on the more popular channels. Prices of adverts will depend on the time of day that you want to advertise, the length of your advert and the channel you wish to use. Be wary, a top slot may cost you a small fortune. For this reason, many people do not advertise via mass media.

If you decide that the cost is prohibitively large, do not simply discard the TV. You can learn a lot about the market and your competitor from watching advertisements.

Poster Advertising

An equally popular form of advertisement is that of the large sign or billboard. This form of advertising has been a popular choice for many years and provides a cost effective way of displaying your product.

Most posters of this type are seen on highways. As most of the readers are also driving it is important that the information is very easy to read and take in. There is no time for complicated messages, so stick to snappy information that comes straight to the point. Aim to leave a lasting impression.

Direct Communication

Direct mail marketing is another very effective way of marketing your product or service. This is a great way to tell people about your business and adding coupons or discounts will bring people in. You are also offering them a way to read over your business and what you are offering. It instills faith in your company when you have an address and other information in your mail.

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